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Weather in the Santa Cruz Mountains

San Lorenzo Valley Current Weather

 Boulder Creek Weather Forecast

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Current Weather

 Boulder Creek Storm - January 31, 1999

KSBW Soledad Weather Station



Road Conditions in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Check on road closures on lists maintained by Santa Cruz County and California Department of Transportation (CalTrans)

 Santa Cruz County Road Conditions

 Greater Santa Cruz County Road Conditions


Current Weather Images for California

San Francisco Satellite [Summary] [Animation]

San Francisco Radar [Summary] [Animation]

San Francisco NEXRAD

San Francisco Region Precipitation Estimate 1

San Francisco Region Air Stagnation Estimate

San Francisco Region Great Sailing Estimate, Jetstream

National Weather Reports

Live Weather Stations


Recent Local Earthquake Reports and Information

 USGS California Recent Earthquakes

 USGS Santa Cruz, California Recent Earthquakes

Live Semisograph HollisterUSGS Station

USGS San Francisco Bay Region Project


Sierra Nevada Mountains

For those of us in the Santa Cruz Mountains that want bigger mountains to play in.

Roads, Weather and Earthquake Reports

Live Weather at Mono Lake, Eastern Sierra Mountains

Live Weather at Mammoth Mountain, Eastern Sierra Mountains

USGS Long Valley, California Recent Earthquakes


World Weather, Earthquakes and Events

World Satellite Composition

World Map of Recent Eartquakes

Weekly Earth Alert Report

Current Space Weather Report


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