Daily Rainfall by Rain Year

The following graphs displays the daily rainfall for the rain year 2003-2006 and the current 2007 rain year. The rain year runs from October 1st to September 30 of the following year. What is useful about these graphs is that they show how much rain can fall in a day. Its not uncommon to see greater than 3 inches of rain in a day. The highest rainfall recorded for a day was 7.48 inches on December 13th, 2002. The highest amount of rain received in a rain year was 67.36 inches for the 2005 rain year (October 1st, 2005 to September 30th, 2006).

Please note: The weather station was moved from Bear Creek location to its new home in the Cresta Vista subdivision about a mile north of town on August 6-7, 2005. Though its less than a mile from its original location, rainfall patterns will probably vary.



The start of the 2008 to 2009 rain year was started with a good five day series of showers starting October 30 through November 3rd that added 5.64 inches of rain. The record date for the rain year was on February 15 of 6.42 inches. The total amount of rain up to the end of April was 37.56 inches.


For the 2007-2008 rain year, we have received a total of 38.11 inches of rain.  The largest drencher was on January 4th where we received 7.09 inches of rain for the day. This was followed about twenty days later on the 25th, with another drencher of about 6.93 inches of rain. Doesn't quite looks like the drought is over for now with only trace amounts of rainfall for March. Practically no sprinkles in April and May which will not bring us quite to 40 inches for the year. The SLV Water District decided to reinstate water rationing, phase 2 beginning of May.


For the 2006-2007 rain year, we have received 26.24 inches of rain, with the most significant rainfall in a day occurring on February 10th of 2.36 inches of rain. A large storm accompanied by heavy winds was encountered on December 26 through the 27th. Power was knocked out for 39 hours so data capture was not possible, however, the using the rainfall totals, about 1.58 inches was received over the two day period. See wind history for more information. On February 27th, we nearly had snowfall with a brief downpour of heavy snow mixed with rain. The higher elevations sustained two to four inches of snow. BTW: We never received our annual drencher of over 5 inches which from previous histories usually occurs sometime in October to December.  March through September 2007 were a bit of a bust for rain and the rain year ended up being a very dry one. The San Lorenzo Valley Water District brought in Phase 2 of water conservation. during the early summer. Though on the last day of summer, September 22, we got a whopping 0.35" of rain which herald the early start of our Indian Summer.


The highest rainfall in a day recorded for the 2005-2006 rain year was 6.97 inches of rain on December 18, 2005. For the year, the total amount of rain was 67.36 inches. We also received approximately 2 inches of rare snow (0.63 inches of rain) on March 12th. During the period of February 26 to April 16, 33 inches of rain was received that caused minor mudslides and power outages. On April 10th, a rare downpour of 4.76 inches was received late in the spring season. In March, 24 out of 31 days were rainy. In April, up to the 16th, there were 11 rainy days out of 16. The graphic for the 2006-2007 rain year will probably be added sometime mid-November 2006.


The highest rainfall in a day recorded for the 2004 to 2005 rain year was 5.59 inches of rain on October 19th, 2004. The total amount of rain recorded for this rain year was 66.14 inches of rain.


The highest recorded rainfall record for a day in the 2003 to 2004 rain year was 6.89 inches of rain that was recorded on December 29th, 2003. The total amount of rain for the rain year was 46.80 inches of rain.


The 2002 to 2003 rain year was the first rain year recorded by the Boulder-Creek.com weather station. On December 13th, 2002, 7.48 inches of rain was recorded for the day. The total amount of rain for the year was 51.34 inches of rain. The anomaly on or around November 29th is due to a power outage.

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